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Advanced Tech Ads


ProgrammatIc AdvertIsIng & DV360 Technology

MooF Digital, next generation advanced advertising technology; With programmatic advertising and Google Display & Video 360 (DV360), one of the most important DSPs, brands' sales and awareness are maximized!


ROI Focused AdvertIsIng Technology

In programmatic advertising technology, advertisements are shown to internet users selected by software developers according to predetermined criteria in a certain time period. Here, the advertiser can perform demographic and behavioral targeting with DSP (Demand Driven Platform) and DMP (Data Management Platform) data. The main goal is to reach the company's ROI (return on investment) targets.


Effective AdvertIsIng CampaIgns wIth DoubleClIck

Google DoubleClick is a Google ad technology platform that enables advertisers to create, manage and grow high impact ad campaigns.
The world's best publishers, application developers prefer DoubleClick products for online advertising.


NatIve Ads

Native ads, which are one of the rapidly growing and widespread advertising models of recent years, enable users to interact with brands with effective content away from advertising images. Entertaining, informative and engaging content according to the language of the chosen medium is indispensable for a successful native campaign.


CrIteo Ads

Criteo ads bring display advertising to the fore with personalized retargeting. The most important and priority feature of these ads compared to others is that e-commerce sites offer ads to their potential target audience.

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